Wheezing, clicking, sneezing, coughing, open mouth breathing,
tail-bobbing, nostril discharge, and excessive beak wiping?

air-sac mites

No. 1 Killer - Gouldians & Canaries

The air-sac mite does not have to mean
death for your bird. By learning about
the mite and the medications available
for treatment, you will not lose your
bird to this killer.
Birds Most Effected
Pictorella Manikins
Masked Grassfinch
Long Tailed Finches
How could my bird have the air sac mite?
  • Parents feeding food to their young.
  • Courtship feeding between adults.
  • Contaminated water and free living mites in the environment.
The mite crawls onto the head of a perched bird, enters the trachea, travels to the lungs and lays its eggs. When the nymphs mature, they move into the 9 air sacs of the bird. This life cycle (egg to adult) can takes place in 6 days.
To better understand the birdís respiratory system and the air-sac mite.

Two Safe Choices for treating the air-sac mite.

No need to catch your birds to treat!
S76 is the first choice for treating air sac mites in the water. Safe administered to breeding parents feeding their babies. Will not cause harm to the health & fertility of mature birds, fledglings or eggs!
30ml $16.98
100lm $29.95
250ml $46.95
S76 also kills worms, scaly face & feather mites.
Complete product instructions included.

FREE Pipet included Insuring
one drop application.
Normally one application is all that is necessary!
Scatt is based on a drug called Moxidectin. This drug kills the mite by interfering with the transmission of nerve impulses in the mite causing its paralysis and death. Birds, like mammals, do not have the same nerve transmission system as mites so the drug is harmless to them.
50ml $24.29
SCATT also kills scaly face & leg mite.
SCATT application demonstration.
Not sure which treatment is right for you?    S76 verses SCATT

Treat your bird with S76 or SCATT. If the symptoms do not subside within 48 hours, your bird could have one of three types of respiratory infection. Each type is caused by a different organism and each type of infection requires a different medication

NOTE: Because the air sac mites has been found in contaminated water dishes, perches, nesting material and lives in our environment, it is necessary to conduct a complete cleaning of the nest, cage, aviary and environment with a good avian pyrethrum (Control, Avian Insect Liquidator, Permectrin11) based insecticide.

Learn how to evaluate if your bird has the Respiratory Infection or Air Sac Mites?